It has been 10 days when the government announced some ease in lockdown situation in Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan advised us to re-continue economic activities with strict healthcare guidelines from May 9th, onwards. Pakistan is fighting Corona Virus for nearly three months and there has been a rise in the number of cases. Although, the number of deaths was quite low the infection rate is still seen as exponential.

We cannot survive on economic grounds

We surely cannot stay in lockdown forever. As a developing third world country, Pakistan needs to take rational decision to save the country from befalling in any crises. Neither do we have the capacity to sustain an economic depression nor can we afford a health care crises. It seems that the lockdown had to be eased at one point in time but what are repercussions? How do different groups in the country feel about this?

Doctors are fighting relentlessly

It is no doubt that doctors have been in this frontline fight ever since COVID-19 broke out. Most of them seem revolted at the idea of reinstating economic activity as there is a chance of second peak infection, however, some do understand the premise the government is working under.