About to sell a property? Well, before you hit the real estate market, you should be aware of the fact that you can gain the highest possible price of your property by following some easy tips. And no, you don’t have to jump through any hoops to get in on the secret since we’ll let you know how without asking anything in return for it! So, without further adieu, here are some inexpensive marketing ideas for real estate agents as well as common sellers.

We had discussed some ways to add more value to your home in the recent past, and in line with that post, we’ll be discussing some unique real estate marketing ideas that will assist you in selling your property quickly, at a better price.


It’s only natural for sellers to have high expectations when it comes to selling their property at a better price. Finding a reasonable offer might be another worry, but since you’re at it, these unique real estate marketing ideas for real estate agents and common sellers will make everything a little bit more convenient for you:

Get familiar with your local market
Revamp the look of your property
Fix the areas requiring attention
Identify the significance of your property
Arrange an open house
Determine your channel


Staying updated is one of the main inexpensive marketing ideas for real estate agents

Getting familiar with the whereabouts of the real estate market in 2019 is extremely important

Analysing the trends of the property market often helps you identify the signs of a buyer’s market. Factors such as a higher number of sellers over buyers indicate that there are more properties than there are actual investors/buyers. In such cases, the value of the property is most likely to slump. Similarly, when there are fewer competitors in a buyer’s market, the average prices are more likely to be on the higher side.


Revamp, renovate and repair old things to give a whole new look to your property

Get your tools and revamp the look of your property with easy DIYS

Here’s something about an old property; it needs to be remodelled now and then maintained to keep up with the current trends in the property market. Buyers are most likely to invest in a property that features up-to-the-minute infrastructure. Now, it might take a little longer to figure out which parts and zones of your property needs to be renovated, painted, or replaced, but once you follow this unique set of real estate tips and tricks, nothing can stop you from selling your property at a higher value.

You can get a lot from remodelling your entire property to just changing the floorplan. If it’s a house, you can consider redecorating the dining and living areas or eliminating some extra walls to include more space in your house.

Similarly, you can also ask a pal to evaluate your shortcomings if you somehow end up not trusting your judgements. Let them assess the zones of your properties that need an extra effort to be fit to be seen.


Always fix wall cracks, damp walls and leakages before selling your house

Fix all wall cracks and remember that first impression lasts longer

Considering the fact that cosmetic changes are extremely crucial for increasing the value of your property, you should know that nobody is interested in buying properties with leakages and damp walls. Upgradation doesn’t necessarily include purchasing expensive furniture and hiring an interior designer; you can do it on your own by auditing the property and categorising what needs to be upgraded or fixed. Here’s a list of things that should be examined/fixed completely:

Find fissures in the walls and keep an eye on pest infestation
Give your property a fresh lick of paint by using sprays on your walls
Rewire your property and upgrade the water system
Fix rusted doors/fixtures and creaking floors
Give a new life to your old furniture by retouching or cleaning it deeply

Figure out the unique factors of your property and display them exclusively

Your property should speak for itself. Yes, you heard it right. When you identify some of the features that make your property stand out of the crowd, you should also be aware of the ways to present it to your audience. For instance, in the race of the digital world where everything is counted in GBs and TBs, nobody would prefer a property that has electricity problems, slower broadband, and weak network. Similarly, having access to other utilities such as water, gas, and public transport is also extremely significant.

Be specific about these details and briefly describe the significance as to why a buyer should invest his money into something you’re presenting rather than your competitors. Discuss in detail about the landscapes and aesthetics of the land, and never forget to mention a few of the things listed below that are part of our unique real estate marketing ideas:

Parks and gardens with specific distance from the house
Malls and other recreational hubs
Commercial markets with a brief of the commodities
Educational Institutions and healthcare facilities

Digital marketing is gradually taking over the world of business

Digital marketing is completely replacing the old methods of schemes

Deciding upon something that speaks for you, or any channel that will represent your property when you’re inaccessible is vital. It is one of the many real estates selling tips and tricks that should be taken care of ahead of time. Some realtors still depend on the outmoded way of communication and connect through brokers/middlemen. However, the country’s most flourishing business hubs have adopted digital marketing to become authorised, known, and gain trust.

There are dozens of websites that offer inexpensive marketing ideas for real estate agents for selling the property at best rates and you can easily market your property in most effective ways.


Arrange an open house or a visual tour of the property you’re selling

Ensure potential buyers that what they see is what they get

Arranging an open house and inviting a higher number of buyers has the potential to create a weighing competition. It is one of the many essential real estates selling tips and tricks that most agents fail to understand. You need to have a dynamic perspective if you’re arranging an event like that. For an idea, look into the fine points like the correct method of showing the property and engaging the potential buyers in such a way that all the odds are in your favour.

Although an open house is mostly scheduled for a particular period, and might not be accessible for everyone, specifically for the audience residing out of the station. You can; however, take them on-board with you by uploading a small video on your profile as Zameen.com enables you to include pictures as well as videos of the property you’re selling.

This set of inexpensive marketing ideas for real estate agents have a high probability of getting you the best value of your property.

Moreover, list your property right after completing this detailed process. This will ensure a substantial hike in its market price. Before doing so, ensure that you’re a registered tax filer to enjoy all the perks of being a tax filer in Pakistan and save around 1% on property transfer tax – whereas non-filers pay 2%.