Quetta – the capital of the barren lands of Balochistan – has always been a high point of development in terms of infrastructure and growth. Being the better among the barren, quetta still has not yet acquired the modernism it deserves. Life standard, though sustainable, are still close to minimal. The privilege of Quetta has many lengths to stretch to attain a living standard of a developed city

Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is a fairly trusted name in the real estate market across Pakistan. It has a far-flung network of housing societies and all are revered and rallied in hot popularity wherever they go. DHA has provided the real estate market with a history of authentic investment opportunities and their quality of delivery has always been top-notch. From the ever-expanding DHA Lahore to DHA Karachi and DHA Multan; all are a testament to their quality work and golden investment opportunities.

Such praiseworthy standing in the real estate, DHA has continued to grow. In these recent days, news has floated regarding the launch of DHA Quetta and it is no doubt it is a great opportunity for the people of Balochistan.

Why is DHA Quetta a big thing for Quetta?

DHA Quetta can be seen as a revolutionary development for the capital of Balochistan. Balochistan. It is the first-ever project by DHA and it also takes lead in the history of megaproject developed in Quetta. The magnitude of the project will bump the city into new heights. It will amplify the interest of real estate market towards. Quetta stands at a strategic position and it directly affects the whole of Pakistan. Being in close vicinity of the Pakistan-Afghan border, Quetta holds the magnet to the across-border trade and hence requires rapid development.

DHA stepping Quetta is a humongous venture with limitless potential and once they set to ground, it will effortlessly attract continued development and renewed interest

Secondly, a name like DHA would set tremendous standards for Quetta. DHA will bring about a turbulent change in the life of the resident. They will experience an uninterrupted supply of basic amenities with a modernist vision for infrastructure. It will plunge the entire market to revamp their sense of standard and elevate Quetta to its deserved position as the provincial capital.

Has DHA acquired the land yet?

The initial hurdle to any housing project is land acquisition and it becomes a mammoth task when the project in question is DHA Quetta. The situation so far is in momentum. There is no official news but the efforts are on-going. They have not faced any hurdles so far but the current statistics are unknown as of now.

Well, towards the end of the year or the start of the next, DHA Quetta affidavit files will be out in the market. Inviting dealer applications for registration will assist in the resale of these files. The prospects of investment in these are huge, due to the absence of a reliable real estate investment in the region, with almost all large-scale real estate investors having to head to Karachi for this purpose

Expected location of DHA Quetta

Quetta is generally divided into administrative regions called mouza or mauza in the local language. These mouzas are parts of Kuchlak Circle, Baleli Circle, Nauhisar Circle, and Durrani-2 Circle. The news about the exact location of DHA Quetta awaits an official announcement but in May DHA released the expected mouza where the development may start. It includes the region of Kateer, Samali, Gadazai Malazai, Karak, Tarkha Gordat Singh, Mehtarzai, Chashma Baleli, Chashma Achozai, Sra Ghurghai, Sra Khula, Hanna, and Tor Ragha, including uninhabited areas of the valley astride Shaban Road up till Shamozai Dam.

Geographically speaking, DHA Quetta will be situated somewhere 7 kilometres away from Quetta International Airport and 18 kilometres from HBL Jinnah road; though the exact location is unconfirmed.

Grand Entrance of DHA Quetta

The first and topmost feature of DHA Quetta is its majestic Entrance

You find that an iconic gate has been set up to welcome visitors and residents to the warm aura of DHA Quetta. The vision behind this architectural embodiment is quite heartwarming. In a city full of tourist and natural beauty it would be unfair to be oblivious of the aesthetics of the housing society. A grand entrance would create a sense of grandeur and majesty who the ones entering, it would kindle a warm sensation of eliteness and calm.

Why invest in DHA Quetta?

DHA Quetta is rising from scratch so for the moment limited options are available to explore. For now, only 1-Kanal plot files are available. Further development will come in a later time. The early bird situation gives rise to a higher return on investment if you buy plot files right now. Additionally, the purchasing power of Quetta is high as it is the provincial capital so the real estate market offers greater return and incentives. Furthermore, Quetta offers a fresh avenue for investors to explore.

Secondly, DHA Quetta will be setting up offices across Pakistan for the ease of transaction. They plan to open up an office in Phase 6 Main Boulevard along with DHA Gujranwala, DHA Multan, DHA Bahawalpur (A block Phase 6). Offices are in DHA Lahore are already open and running; it would directly result in an influx of investors as more convenience is given by DHA. In addition, the prices may also rise a bit due to these offices opening up.

What is the current situation and what can be expected?

Since only 1-Kanal plot files are available so it will take another 2 or 3 years for balloting to be conducted. Apart from that, the good news is that the prices for plot files have been revised. The prices plummeted around 20 lacs from the original rate. It is clear that DHA files will not sell at the current price so the immediate measure was taken.

Lastly, once the development process kicks in, the possession will be given in the next 5 to 6 years. It would mean that there is at least a threefold return on your investment. Statistically speaking, it is around a 50% return on your investment making it an unmissable opportunity.