Islamabad: The Building Control Directorate of Capital Development Authority (CDA) has compiled data of all commercial buildings in the city, a news source reported. Based on the findings of this data, the development authority will issue notices to the developers found breaching the CDA-notified building bylaws. The CDA had earlier issued directives to the Building Control Directive officers to coiled this data. The data contains details on all commercial buildings located in CDA Markazes, Blue Area and shopping centres classified in class-3 category. In addition to notifying developers violating building bylaws, the CDA will also use this data to spot buildings for which the CDA completion certificates haven’t been issued, as well as those who haven’t shared their building plans with the authorities. The development authority will issue notices to such developers.

Furthermore, the CDA will also issue notices to the developers who haven’t followed the approved building plan while constructing their commercial buildings.