Capital Smart City Developers

HRL is a well respected firm in the field of construction and development. They have over 10 years of experience. In addition, their excellent track record is proof of their quality work in the field. Therefore, Capital Smart City is in good hands as HRL have a vast experience.


Capital Smart City Marketers

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a megaproject. While several marketing firms are marketing Capital Smart City, Beacon Investment has become their Diamond Partner. We wish to promote a sustainable future and hence we feel proud to market Capital Smart City. In addition, our highly trained team and vast experience let us choose the right buyers for Capital Smart City.

Master Plan Of Capital Smart City

Surbana Jurong, a Singaporean firm, is the master planner of Capital Smart City. Their motto is “Building Cities, Shaping Lives” which shows their experience and vision. Distinctly, Surbana Jurong is one of Asia’s largest consulting firms for urban, infrastructure, and management services. With more than 120 branches in over 40 countries, Surbana Jurong has the most diverse, dedicated team. Undoubtedly, their track record of 70 years is no less wonderful.

Capital Smart City Location

Capital Smart City Islamabad has the perfect location. It lies on Islamabad-Lahore Motorway otherwise known as M2 Motorway. Markedly, the smart city has a dedicated interchange meaning it has direct access from Motorway. Firstly, it lies on the eastern route of CPEC. Secondly, it is a 5-minute drive away from New Islamabad International Airport; it ensures great international attention to the smart city. Click on the left to find Capital Smart City on the map.

Capital Smart City Location Map

Capital Smart City Islamabad has the perfect location. It lies on Islamabad-Lahore Motorway otherwise known as M2 Motorway. Markedly, the smart city has a dedicated interchange meaning it has direct access from Motorway. Firstly, it lies on the eastern route of CPEC. Secondly, it is a 5-minute drive away from New Islamabad International Airport; it ensures great international attention to the smart city. Click on the left to find Capital Smart City on the map.

Development Updates

The development of Capital Smart City is going on at a remarkable rate. On-site work is in progress for the last couple of months. It is important to note that the main stage of development is complete. To add, ground leveling is also final. However, heavy machinery is still working day and night.

Overseas Block Development

Executive Block Development

Total Area of Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City covers a total area of 80,000-Kanal. It makes it the largest smart city in Pakistan. Since the smart city is very close to Islamabad International Airport, it will attract a large number of investors.

Access Points

There are several ways to access Capital Smart City. Firstly, you can access it via M2 Motorway and Main Chakri Highway. Secondly, the National Highway can easily connect the smart city to the surrounding areas.


Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has approved Capital Smart City. It stands at the 45th number on the list of approved societies. The list is displayed on their website if you want to check it out. Thus, Capital Smart City is a safe option for investment.

Facilities and Amenities at Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City will use advanced technology in order to create a modern lifestyle. The main features of the smart city are as follows:

  • Residential blocks include
    • Overseas Block, Executive Block, and General Block.
    • Crystal Lake, Hills Vista, and China Village,
  • Commercial blocks include
    • Financial Square, Aviation Village, and F.D.H Buildings.
  • More facilities include
    • Mosques, Parks,  and Jogging Tracks.
    • Healthcare City and  Education City,
    • Water Treatment Plant, and Free WiFi zones
    • BRT bus service
    • Theme and Holiday Parks
  • Luxurious lifestyle
    • Exclusive Entertainment Arenas, Theme Parks, and Golf Courses
    • Huge shopping arcades, and commercial hot-spots to attract business activity.

How to book a plot in Capital Smart City

You can easily book your plot in Capital Smart City. To book your plot, you need the following documents:

  1. Copies of your CNIC
  2. 3x Passport sized photographs
  3. CNIC of your Next to Kin (Father/Mother/Brother/Sister)

Submit these documents with a 10% down payment (as a pay order). Once the booking is complete, you will receive your intimation letter from the head office. There are two ways you can get this letter. Either collect it personally or receive it on the given address.

Difference between Overseas Block and General Block

Capital Smart City Islamabad Overseas Block

  • Only Overseas Pakistani can apply in the Overseas Block
  • Good thing, it has smart features as a plus point
  • Also, it has ‘Smart Villas’
  • Buyers may get possession in 2020
  • Construction work will start soon
  • Moreover, it lies near the entrance of Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad General Block

  • Anyone can apply in the General Block
  • Also, there are no extra security features
  • Construction may not start soon
  • Buyers may get possession in 2020.
  • It placed away from the entrance gate

First Balloting Results

Capital Smart City held its first e-Ballot on Saturday, December 21, 2019. The first ballot included Overseas-I & Executive Block-I and it turned out to be very successful. The event. however. included a site visit and launch as well. Although the plan was to conduct the ballot somewhere in 2021 the authorities sped up their work. As a result, they managed to conduct it early.

Why should you invest in Capital Smart City?

  • First ever Smart City in Pakistan
  • Also, it has Easy Installment plans
  • Moreover, it is a safe investment
  • Profitable return
  • 24/7 Electricity
  • Green and Eco-friendly environment
  • Ample facilities
  • Modern and luxurious housing

Capital Smart City Islamabad Property Types

Residential Blocks

Residential Block has plots of many different sizes. It includes

  • 5-Marla
  • 7-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 12-Marla
  • 1-Kanal, and 2-Kanal plots.

In addition, you can obtain these plots on a 3 years flexible installment plan. Since these plots have different features, they are classified accordingly. To suit different buyers, Residential Blocks breaks into three sub-blocks. The detail of these blocks is as follows.

Overseas Block

The Overseas Block is set aside for overseas Pakistani only. Local Pakistani can, however, buy them in resale. Since they have top-notch facilities, the demand for Overseas Block is quite high. The reason for such appeal is as follows:

  • Firstly, the living standard comparable to that of foreign countries
  • Secondly, the interchange provides direct access from Motorway
  • Thirdly, it lies right next to Main Boulevard

Executive Block

The Executive Block is specifically for those buyers who pay their installments on time. The location of the block is therefore prime. It is accessible as it situated between the River and the Golf Club. To add, you can turn your General Block file into an Executive Block file easily. You should also note that the development of the Executive Block is in progress thus buyers may get possession in the first quarter of 2021.

General Block

General Block is one of the oldest and largest blocks in Capital Smart City. It is right next to the Executive Block therefore it is next to the Overseas Block. Due to this, it has direct access from M2 Motorway. In order to get a file, the buyer has to pay a 20% fee for booking and confirmation. In addition, they have to clear their first quarterly installment as well.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Smart Villas

The Smart Villas provide an advanced, luxurious life. Furthermore they are futuristic and innovative in nature. In addition, there are three unique architectural styles: Contemporary, Mediterranean, and Georgian. As a result, Capital Smart City provides you with the chance to pick from these three. 


Contemporary Villas are a mixture of modern designs, fine architecture, and comfortable environment. Quite notably, the idea of openness in design is easy to find in huge glass doors and large window panes. Thus, the combination of beauty and comfort is perfect to ‘live the future’.


Mediterranean Villas are a blend of open spaces and free colors. In essence, they are quite spacious and you can experience freedom in these villas. To add, Spanish and Italian architecture are the main inspirations for their designs. From the wide courtyard, to the huge rooftops, these villas have everything you want.


Geogerian Villas are a mix of elegance and minimalistic designs. In essence, they have sliding glass doors, huge windows and fine interiors. To add,  groundwork, arches, columns, high ceilings, and window headers are some of the key features.

Capital Smart City Commercial Sector

The commercial sector of Capital Smart City is the centre of attention for investors. There are 4-marla and 8-marla plots available with a flexible 3-year plan while 10-marla and 1-kanal plots are not available anymore. As a result, the commercial sector can promise you a good return on your investment.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Payment Plan


  • 5% OFF ON 100% DOWN PAYMENT.

  • SAVE 2.5% ON 50% DOWN PAYMENT.



  • Prices below include development charges.
  • Prices are based on standard villa unit.
  • Utility connection fees not included. (i.e. gas, electricity TV etc)
  • Additional costs will be applied as per features (i.e. Semi, Full, Smart etc)
Sr. NoVilla TypePlot SizePrice per Standard Villa (Rs Millions)Price per Standard Villa (Rs Millions)Price per Standard Villa (Rs Millions)Price per Standard Villa (Rs Millions)
1Smart Villa5 Marla9.489.70
2Smart Villa7 Marla12.65
3Smart Villa10 Marla16.1016.50
4Smart Villa12 Marla18.9819.37
5Smart Villa1 Kanal28.18
6Smart Villa2 Kanal44.8546.80

*Prime Location Charges: 7.5% extra: Corner | 5% extra Facing Park/ Boulevard (41′ and above) each of total villa price.

More than one choice can be selected (Other choice will be charged 2.5% extra except corner)

*R/P/MS fee : Rs 20,000 upto 7 Marla | Rs 30,000 for 10, 12 & 20 Marla | Rs 40,000 above 1 Kanal.

Quarterly Installment Details (PKR)

Inst. No.Installment Details5  Marla

(3 Bed)

7 Marla

(4 Bed)

5 Marla

(4 Bed)

10 Marla

(4 Bed)

10 Marla

(5 Bed)

12 Marla

(4 Bed)

12 Marla

(5 Bed)

1 Kanal

(5 Bed)

1 Kanal

(6 Bed)

2 Kanal

(5 Bed)

2 Kanal

(6 Bed)

2 Kanal

(7 Bed)

1Booking948,0001,265,000970,0001,610,0001,650,000Column 8 Value1,937,0002,817,5002,863,0004,485,0004,530,0004,680,000
2Confirmation (After 30 days)948,0001,265,000970,0001,610,0001,650,0001,897,5001,937,0002,817,5002,863,0004,485,0004,530,0004,680,000
31st Quarter (After 90 days)632,000845,000645,5001,075,0001,100,0001,897,5001,290,0001,878,5001,910,0002,990,0003,020,0003,120,000
42nd Quarter632,000845,000645,5001,075,0001,100,0001,265,0001,290,0001,878,5001,910,0002,990,0003,020,0003,120,000
53rd Quarter632,000845,000645,5001,075,0001,100,0001,265,0001,290,0001,878,5001,910,0002,990,0003,020,0003,120,000
64th Quarter632,000845,000645,5001,075,0001,100,0001,265,0001,290,0001,878,5001,910,0002,990,0003,020,0003,120,000
75th Quarter632,000845,000645,5001,075,0001,100,0001,265,0001,290,0001,878,5001,910,0002,990,0003,020,0003,120,000
86th Quarter632,000845,000645,5001,075,0001,100,0001,265,0001,290,0001,878,5001,910,0002,990,0003,020,0003,120,000
97th Quarter632,000845,000645,5001,075,000Column 7 Value 91,265,0001,290,0001,878,5001,910,0002,990,0003,020,0003,120,000
108th Quarter632,000845,000645,5001,075,000Column 7 Value 101,265,0001,290,0001,878,5001,910,0002,990,0003,020,0003,120,000
119th Quarter632,000845,000645,5001,075,0001,100,0001,265,0001,290,0001,878,5001,910,0002,990,0003,020,0003,120,000
1210th Quarter632,000845,000645,5001,075,0001,100,0001,265,0001,290,0001,878,5001,910,0002,990,0003,020,0003,120,000
1311th Quarter632,000845,000645,5001,075,0001,100,0001,265,0001,290,0001,878,5001,910,0002,990,0003,020,0003,120,000
1412th Quarter632,000845,000645,5001,075,0001,100,0001,265,0001,306,0001,876,5001,894,0002,990,0003,020,0003,120,000
TOTAL (PKR)9,480,00012,650,0009,700,00016,100,00016,500,00018,975,00019,370,00028,1775,00028,630,00044,850,00045,300,00046,800,000
  • Above payment plans are subject to change without notice.
  • Installments are required to be deposited by 1st of each quarter.
  • The prices are exclusive of and Tax & Government Dues.
  • pay Order/DD to be made in the favor of “Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Limited”.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Plot Prices

Commercial Payment Plans

Capital Smart City Islamabad Official Website

Ideal investment opportunity at Capital Smart City with Beacon Investment


Q1- Is Capital Smart City Approved by RDA?
    Yes, it is approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. It has received its NOC on revised and extended area of Capital Smart City in September 2019.
    Q2- What is a Smart City and why is it different from any other cities?
      Smart City is an innovative new housing project built with futuristic technology and advanced development and modern infrastructure. Moreover, its different from other housing societies for its high standards, smart apps, never before seen facilities, eco-friendly smart environment and strategic planning.
      Q3- Why is it called Capital Smart City Islamabad when it falls under the Rawalpindi Development Authority?
        Actually it lies around M-2 Motorway, which is known as Islamabad Motorway, hence it is called CSC Islamabad, and not Rawalpindi. After the revision of the master plan of Islamabad, this whole area alongside the M-2 Motorway up to Islamabad Airport is expected to fall under CDA.
        Q4- Who are the developers of Capital Smart City?
          HRL itself is one of the biggest private developers in Pakistan. So, all the earth work and basic infrastructure development work is being carried out by Habib Rafiq Private Limited.
          Q5- Is my investment in Capital Smart City safe?
            Yes, it is 100% secure. The team behind Capital Smart City has a 6 decades long history of achievements and it is an internationally renowned organization. Moreover, the society has acquired more than the planned land, and its broader master plan is approved by RDA.
            Q6- When will the development work start in Capital Smart City?
              The development work has already started in the society, the work on Main Boulevard is almost completed, the construction of the mosque has also commenced among other development.
              Q7- Is the Society good for long term or short term investment?
                Capital Smart City is a society worth investing in, it is a golden investment opportunity for the long term as well as short term investment plan.
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