After Overseas, General and Executive Blocks, Capital Smart City launched a low cost space i.e Harmony Block. It offered residential plots. the villas, and commercial plots with special offers.
It was launched to facilitate investments in the downtime due to COVID 19. Economic activity must go on for quicker recovery from pandemics.
In this block, 3.5 Marla residential plots were first in line to be sold. They were introduced at a very affordable price of 15 lacs rupees and within a few weeks as the demand went up the prices were increased upto 17.8 lacs.
Commercials were up next! And as soon as the 2.66 marla commercial plots were introduced in the market – they received unexpectedly greater attention and experienced the highest demand so much so that the supply ran out. It was also because the previous commercial plots in the overseas and executive blocks turned out to be a very profitable investment for investors.
Past commercial investment trends in Capital Smart City and affordability of 2.66 marla plots resulted in higher demand which ultimately led to the increase in its price within a day. Capital Smart City itself did not oversell. These prices were market driven based on the principles of free-market economy.