COVID-19 took us no less than a shock. While the world trembled, individual communities, businesses, families took a blow. In our country, the situation was not good either. The government proceeded towards a lock down. 


We like to think of Beacon Investment as our family. Our family faced a difficult time. Economic recession meant that various companies in the market were laying off their employees here and there. Such a thing was not an option for us; we had to make sure we are stronger than ever in the face of adversity.

We held tight and began our thought process towards the community. This difficult time created a perfect opportunity for us to empathize, our own crises made us realise the scale of difficulty that was faced by the communities that lie below the poverty line.

We switched gears, brainstormed and birthed the idea of Beacon Help.


14 far-sighted individuals gathered and after rigorous hours of meeting we put our hands together. We thought of an idea, giving the community back.  A simple ‘Google Live Sheet’ spurred into reality and we laid down the elaborate system of finding donors, connecting them to the relevant donee and making sure one family at a time could eat food for a month. 

We came up with a fundamental thought. Find generous hearts who are willing to donate as much as they can. Identify needy people who are affected by COVID and starvation. Evaluate their needs. Provide them the help they need. This was the idea of Beacon Help.


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We have a huge database that contains numerous needy people, we have evaluated their needs and they only await your generosity to eat tonight’s dinner. Find in your hearts to come forward with anything you can donate.

You can fill information about needy people on our website as well. Check it out here.

For donations,

Beacon Investments
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0109 0002 5381 1622
United Bank Ltd (UBL)
G-11 Markaz Branch


From Team Beacon