Beacon Investment’s Deal of The Month

Owing to Almighty, Lahore Smart City is being launched after the success of Capital Smart City Islamabad. This project would be beyond expectations Insha’Allah!

FDHL is going to gain popularity in the city of Gardens which is known for its rich culture and lively atmosphere.

Lahore Smart City

  • 10% Down Payment
  • 10% Confirmation (after 2 months)
  • 3.5 Year Payment Plan
  • Prices are exclusive of development charges.


Beacon Investment offers investment management services to its clients via professional managers. Our team works diligently when handling the assets of our clients; we focus on surveying the market, listing our clients’ goals and thus aligning the two forces in the best possible manner.


Beacon Investment prides themselves over the rental services we provide. Our team specializes in evaluating the best way to generate income from your property and extract rental benefits. We let our clients relax while we find them suitable tenants, draft rental agreements, and manage these tenants.


Nowadays, marketing has assumed a very useful platform to propagate its activities. The advent of social media allows us to reach more and more people effectively. Beacon Investment has strengthened its grip on social media and digital marketing.


Beacon Investment has created a team to manage sales and ensure profitable trades. Our team is trained to keep the monetary value of property units in loops, therefore, creating revenue for our clients. Notably, what we do is that we buy property files and then sell them or trade them for an increased return.


Beacon Investment provides elaborate construction services to the clients and does not leave anything out. We will ensure that your empty plot becomes a house in no time i.e creating grey structures from scratch. Moreover, we provide assistance in finding labour and material as well. We let our clients make choices on material type and we produce cost analysis of labour and material for our clients as well.

Our Projects

We involve ourselves in high-end real estate project in the twin cities and become the apparatus of marketing.